The 3F Program

The 3F Program

Flow For Facilitators

Take advantage of the knowledge of the flow state to boost your facilitation skills to the next level.

Helping facilitation and moderation professionals to set themselves to sky-rocket trajectory aiming for flow style peak facilitation.

This program will enable you to unlock your path to facilitation mastery with constant flow based development.

In facilitation practice you can very easily fall into the trap of your business reaching a plateau.


The development of new workshop formats and content stops, you lack inspiration for new solutions.


No real break-through is made with your skill development, but you sense this is not the best you can do.


Sales is a struggle and the clients somehow just don’t understand what you are trying to achieve.

One can wish for the snowball to already be rolling and that one workshops would propel the other, but the way towards this momentum is just unclear and dark. Sometimes if fells like you are going backwards and you are afraid the projects will stop coming.

I totally get it. I understands the situation and I developed a way to avoid the gaps and start developing in the direction that best suits you and you alone.

The 3F program is a flow-based facilitation booster for workshop facilitators who want to avoid the uncertainty, stop self-sabotaging growth and just want to enjoy their work in flow.​

What is in the program for you?

1. The 6 weeks of science-based flow knowledge and tools modules for better facilitation

In the period of 6 weeks 6 modules including the 9 flow management tools will be covered. The tools are universal, but the modules are adapted to the facilitation profession needs and specifics. This is what is included:

  1. Module: The importance of flow + Flow neuroscience
  2. Module: Motivation + Mindset + Goal setting
  3. Module: Flow triggers + Flow blockers
  4. Module: Flow cycle
  5. Module: Positive psychology + Grit
  6. Module: Dark side of flow + Long terms flow

These modules are designed to turn your facilitation career in the direction that is best for your flow personality and will best enable you to achieve peak facilitation and mastery.

Modules are 2.5h long, which means a total of 15 hours of intense flow facilitation progress.

Everything will be happening on the Zoom platform and all the modules will be recorded and available for you later. 

2. Flow can be measured and you will know what progress you did in terms of the amount of flow

The Flow index using the Flow Short Scale will be measured before and after the program to evaluate your success.

3. The 1: 1 deep-dive with Jaka Oman where you can better implement your specific ideas

Inside the group limited details are normally shared, but you can share more in a more private setting on a 1:1 coaching session with Jaka. For every participant 3h of coaching are included:

  • 1 h after the initial flow index measurement
  • 1 h between module 1 and 6
  • 1 h after the final index measurement

4. Constant group support for higher engagement, fuller commitment and better results

The group will consist of max. 10 people and in the program in 6-week duration we will all be connected on a WhatsApp group, where we can share our experiences with the weekly challenges, new ideas and developments.

In the end this is what the program will give you

In-depth knowledge about flow, flow tools and how they can be used successfully.

The expertise on how you can turn your facilitation into peak flow facilitation and make a successful flow based workshop -> for you and your participants.

Ways for you to become a flow prone persona, which for you means higher productivity in terms of business and workshop delivery, but also more satisfaction with your work.

About Jaka Oman your flow facilitation master

Jaka Oman

Jaka Oman dedicated his whole life in search of flow and today his goal is to enable more flow also for facilitation professional in order to enable more flow at their work and more flow for their participants at their workshops . He is a FRC certified High Flow Coach and has been deeply educated by the Flow Research Collective programs on the topics of the science of flow, flow tools, flow coaching and flow management.

He started with facilitation in 2017, when he got certified for facilitation using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. Since then he has executed more then 120 workshops in 8 countries in the SEE region (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, BiH and Greece). Jaka one of the more active members of the global LSP community. He regularly shares his practices inside the global community and is a contributor for the LSP magazine. In his LSP facilitation practice he combines the flow state framework with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and in this way he developed a successful way to implement the flow tools in his own facilitation practice.