This is me in flow 🙂

I was chasing flow all my life, I just didn’t knew it

On my nearly 40 year long life path I figured out some things:

  1. In life you can always try, see and learn something new
  2. In every moment in life things could be worse, but they could also be better
  3. Time is irrelevant, what matters it the richness of experiences
  4. All things in life come with a reason and from every situation in life you can learn something positive
  5. The best things in life will come towards you by themselves, if you only have your eyes open for them

My life is at its essence defined my many things. The first one is definitely my passion for board related sports. A ride on snow with a snowboard, kitesurfing on the waves with a paddle board or just carving the roads with my longboard – these are the activities that have been a big part of my life for more than 20 years and are still a source of pleasure and satisfaction. Games with hands such as yo-yo, diabolo, Rubik’s cube or juggling more than 2 balls have been a source of nice challenges and new skills acquiring in high school, at the university and still during work today. Learning about new theories and absorbing academic literature have led me through undergraduate and post-graduate studies and today again into new learning. And finally what rounds it all nicely is quality time with family and friends, which just mean a world to me.

Four years ago the LSP method found me and has completely taken me. This is how Resna igra (Serious play) was founded. In 2017 I did my certification for a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method facilitator and until today I have facilitated workshops in 7 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Hungary and Turkey). I lectured about my approach with LSP in Billund Denmark and Istanbul Turkey. Two years ago, I wanted to up-grade the programs of my workshops and again by itself the flow state came towards me, which gave me new motivation for new learning. The result of this 2-year studying and testing can be seen on this internet page. Shortly after I dove deep into the flow state, I figured out that it was flow all this time what I was feeling subconsciously during learning, travelling, doing sports and hand games. It quickly became clear, that flow was the state I was after all my life and I always wanted to experience it again and again and more and more. Today, I know what defines this wonderful state. I know what triggers it. I know what blocks it. I know what the conditions are to have more and more of flow. I would like to share this knowledge with you, so you can also experience the sweetness of life in flow. I would like you to get to know yourself and discover, what being in flow means for you, how you can find the way towards this state more often and easier.

I’m a playful, but also a resinous person, who knows how to have fun and be relaxed, but also to keep the edge and a deep thought. Play is important in life, but the best play is the one that has enough seriousness and courage, to change life for the better, this is the reason I also kept the name of my business – Resna igra (Serious play)

I invite you to experience my Resna igra and your life will never be the same again.